Your Dream Home building partners in Ghana


Your Dream Home building partners in Ghana.


Land Acquisition

JackBuild in collaboration with traditional leaders (Chiefs) and legitimate land owners facilitate your land acquisition at a location of your choice. Before payments are done, due diligence is taken to identify and verify all documentations, signatories, and stakeholders. All lands listed on JackBuild website have been verified and approved for sale. Giving you the peace of mind, you need for the next phase of your project.


Land Verification & Registration.

We facilitate the verification and authenticity of your already acquired land. We also facilitate registration of lands at the Lands Commission.


Planning and Construction

Our team of expects will work with you in the planning and budgeting process of your dream home. Advising you on current building techniques that will save you time and money. The planning process covers, preliminary stages such as architectural drawings, land surveying to the more complex stages such as construction and finishing. We believe in working with you to achieve the best. Transforming your dream into reality.


Property Management

Why leave your home in the hands of caretakers, family or friends who will likely find ways to eliminate you and take your property, poorly manage it or even call on you to pay for utility bills accrued by them. Earn revenue from renting or leasing your property.
You have property in Ghana you want us to manage no problem contact us today . We also help you sell your property if the need arises.


Property Maintenance

Jack-SP a subsidiary company of JackBuild takes care of all maintenance service from landscaping to plumbing. Our yearly inspection of your property helps us to evaluate the condition of the property and provide the maintenance services needed so as to avoid deterioration.


Property Valuation

Jack-SP Property Valuation




JackBuild advantage has partnered with a number of financial institution to provide our customers the loan to complete their homes and pay overtime, making it easy to complete your building project in-time and rent it out. If you are interested in getting a mortgage loan, speak to any of our mortgage experts to assist you in getting the best deal.